Finally a conference about the Amsterdam technology scene

You don’t have to go all the way to Silicon Valley to learn from the best. Amsterdam has a thriving startup ecosystem with plenty of knowledge for its fellow tech entrepreneurs.

PITCH - AMSxTech organises a technology conference on the 31st of March to talk about what we can learn from each other and showcase what Amsterdam's tech scene has to offer.

A unique and local sound, by the community, for the community.

There are hundreds of technology meetups but there was never a local connecting driving force. AMSxTech fills that niche. The 750+ members of the AMSxTech community craved to see the bigger picture.

The prosperous curated community decided to organise a conference focused on connecting people, showcasing inspiring stories and discussing what's happening in this great city of ours.

The AMSxTech conference expresses what is unique to Amsterdam.

The community

The one-day event happening 31st of March focuses on local initiatives that influence our daily life and work. Instead of looking at what’s happening in Silicon Valley or the Big Smoke, we look at what’s going on in our own beloved Amsterdam. Amsterdam and its citizens have worked hard on becoming a hub for innovation and technology. It’s time to experience why and how that happened.

AMSxTech defined four key topics - Amsterdam as a Tech Hub, Social Impact of Technology, Building Healthy companies and Futurism - and provides multiple speakers on each topic, offering different views and opinions.

What's currently happening in Amsterdam's thriving ecosystem? How are we doing compared to other places in the Netherlands? And compared to other cities in the world? How can we use technology to improve the quality of life in the city and the world? These are the questions people have that life, visit and move here. AMSxTech will address these and other questions with the help of 12 key players from the local community.

Backed up by a partnership with the Gemeente Amsterdam

With the city of Amsterdam as an official partner of the AMSxTech conference and Deputy Major Kajsa Ollongren opening the event the organisers asked her to shine a light around how Amsterdam became a tech hub, and what the future holds!

Together with more local partners, the event manifested; like the growing co-working movement Spaces, and the Dentsu Aegis Network, the Media and Digital Communications Group.

A local and diverse line-up, promises to energise the mind

A famous rockstar Stefan Fountain, founding and selling multiple companies, creating a sustainable business with or without VC money.

Kajsa Ollongren, Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam, will kick off the event sharing her personal story on how she's keeping Amsterdam healthy.

Solar Warrior Roebyem Anders that a Dutch-based solar operation, get acquired and now she runs a positive international solar apparatus.

Ninh Bui, demonstrating you should reconsider to take that venture capital and do it all yourself; bootstrapped, profitable and proud (BPP).

All of this for a humble Dutch price

With a ticket price of €159, it's a modest price for an actual conference where everything is provided for you; great inspiring keynote speakers, coffee, lunch, a great closing surprise and an afterparty. Get your ticket on the website:

About AMSxTech

AMSxTech is a non-profit grassroots community that focuses on building bridges between the tech professionals in Amsterdam. We've decided to pan out from our thriving curated community to organise a conference focused on connecting people, providing exciting content and focus on what's happening in this great city of ours.

We are a tech-minded community of Amsterdammers who work in the very diverse Tech scene. Our volunteers organise non-profit events and a conference to help our community grow both professionally and socially. Founded in 2015 and 750+ members.

Our community consists of developers, designers, marketeers, founders, data analysts and every other technology profession the Amsterdam Tech-Scene has.

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Download PDF
About AMSxTech

AMSxTech is a tech-minded community of Amsterdammers who work in diverse the tech scene. We organise non-profit events and a conference to help the community grow professionally and socially.